Douglas J. Feith is a former U.S. Undersecreatry of Defense and one of the neoconservative "masterminds" of the failed Republican War in Iraq.

Lies Edit

Feith played a central role in preparing the bogus intelligence used by the second Bush administration to march an unwitting America into the War in Iraq. In issuing a report describing Feith's role, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, senior Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that he would ask the panel to take "appropriate action" against Feith. Levin described the Jan. 15 communication from Feith as part of a pattern in which the Defense Department official, in briefings for Congress and the White House, repeatedly described the ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda as far more significant and extensive than the intelligence agencies had assessed. The report said that a classified document prepared by Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of defense for policy, did not accurately reflect the intelligence agencies' assessment of the relationship, despite a Pentagon claim that it did.