George Papandreou
George Papandreou

George Papandreou



Political Party

Panhellenic Socialist Movement

Political Beliefs

Democratic Socialism

George Papandreou is the democratic socialist prime minster of greece he is also the president of the socialist international a world wide federation of progressive social democratic and democratic socialist parties.Following his grandfather George Papandreou sr. and his father Andreas Papandreou, he is the third member of the Papandreou family to serve as the country's prime minister. Papandreou has been leader of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) party since February 2004. In 2006 he became President of the Socialist International. George Papandreou became the 182nd Prime Minister of Greece on October 6, 2009.Papandreou is a awesome prime minster and is very popular among the greek people he has raised taxs on the rich yay increased welfare and been an advocate of peace in the middle east he has also pushed for peace between greece and its neighbor countries. Papandreou is a awesome prime minster he also contribute's to democracy now and has been interviewed by amy good man he was born in saint paul minnesota he left greece with his family to escape the anti democratic governement. He is a great leader and a awesome prime minster.George Papandreou is awesome!.

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