&nbsp Founded in 1963 as the International Marxist Group, a split from Gerry Healey’s Socialist Labour League. The IMG later merged with the International Group and Workers Socialist League, and changed its name to International Socialist Group in 1987. The founders of the ISG can trace their organization all the way back to the first British Trotskyist organization, the late Revolutionary Communist Party (founded in the 1940’s by Ted Grant and Jock Haston). The ISG is a member of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International (USFI), the largest federation of Trotskyists in the world, including the Revolutionary Communist League, Chinese Revolutionary Communist Party, and the Swedish Socialist Party. The ISG publishes a well-distributed periodical, Socialist Outlook. For a long period of time, the ISG gave relunctant support to the democratic socialist Labour Party, seeing it as the main organization of the working class. However, after Tony Blair’s take-over of Labour and its subsequent conversion to a party of the middle class with the exception of 15 democratic socialist mps who took a hard line old labour democratic socialist anti blair stance.The ISG eventually joined former opponents such as the Socialist Workers Party in creating the Socialist Alliance in 1999 to electorally challenge New Labour. It is the second-largest organization (after the SWP) in the Alliance. Over, the ISG is, by far, one of the sanest groups on the UK’s radical left.

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