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Albert GlotzerAnarchismAnarcho-Capitalism
Anarcho-syndicalismAndrew CuomoAnne Ludvigsson
Anti-fascismAssociação Internacional dos Trabalhadores – Secção PortuguesaBarbara Boxer
Bernie SandersCenter for Libertarian StudiesCold war liberal
Democratic Socialist PartyDemocratic Socialist Party of japanDemocratic Socialists of America
Democratic socialismDennis KucinchDouglas Feith
Dragon Ball zEvo MoralesFrank Church
Frank LlewellynFree Talk LiveFritz Kater
George PapandreouGolda MeirGreen Party of England and Wales
Green Socialist NetworkHaim OronHarvey Milk
Hinke BergegrenHugo ChavezIndependent Labour Publications
International Socialist GroupInternational Workers' AssociationIrving Howe
Irving KrystolIrwin SuallJames Jeffords
Kanan MakiyaKen GordonKuroda Kan'ichi
La Canadiense StrikeLeft Wing WikiLiberalism
Libertarian SocialismLuciano AstudilloMao zedong
MaoismMarxismMax Shachtman
Michael HarringtonMovement for Socialism–Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the PeoplesMurray Rothbard
Nelson MandelaNeoconservatismNew Communist party
Noam ChomskyNorwegian Labour PartyOlof Palme
Party of the Democratic Revolution MexicoPiccoloRobert J. Alexander
Robert M LaFollette SrSalvador AllendeSamir Amin
Scoop JacksonScott Horton (radio host)Segolene Royal
ShachtmanismSidney hookSimon Oosterman
Sinn FeinSocial DemocracySocial Democratic Party of Japan
SocialismSocialist Campaign GroupSocialist International
Socialist Workers party ukSocialist party of FranceSon Gohan
Son GokuSun Yat-senSwedish Social Democratic Party
The Libertarian ForumUnited Socialist Party of VenezuelaWendy McElroy
Workers party of franceYitzhak RabinYoshito Takamine
İbrahim Kaypakkaya
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File:Anarcho Capitalism .jpegFile:Anarcho Syndicalism.jpegFile:Anarcho syndicalist.jpeg
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File:Bill clinton being a dick.gifFile:Chavez.jpegFile:Clinton demonstrates what to do in a situation where you are going to have sex with Hilary.png
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File:Hugo Chavez.jpgFile:Hugo Chavez is awesome!.pngFile:IWALogo.jpg
File:Italian democratic socialists.pngFile:Ken Livingstone.jpgFile:Libertarian fourm.jpg
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