Maoism is a form of communism which tends to support nazi politics even more so then stalinism.democratic socialists/social democrats have agreed that maoism is very similar to fascism.Maoism is a ideology which blends nazi/communist politics and adds a taste of far right anti social democratic anti japanesse homphobic racism.Maoism tends to impose nazi like laws coining the pharse red nazism stating maoism is a form of nazism which blends elements of the far left and the far right to form an anti democratic red nazi like philosphy under maoism 189 million people died more then hitler and stalin combined proving maoism is in a class of evil of its own.In nepal maoist leader announiced he wishs for the people to rise up and kill the isreali governement he was critcised harshley and has a huge forign policy problem with isreal and ha sassociated himself with acminjad.

homphobic stance Edit

maoists clam they want to reform homosexulays mao zedong clamied the only way to stop a homosexullay is by sending them to the death chamber he also said the same thing about jews japanesse americans democratic socialists social democrats and progressives.


hitler and stalin were great men they wanted to conquer the world which i will do to! Mao te-sung Burn isreal burn zionism bur it to the ground long live communism - mao zedong gays must die they are not part of the communists way kill all gay's mao zedong