Max Shachtman was an american activist during his carer he evolved from being a leninist to a trotskyist and a associate of leon trotsky to a cold war anti communist social democrat / democratic socialist.

Early Life Edit

Shachtman began his carer asa member of the communist party usa however he joined james cannon as one of the trotskyists to be kicked out of the communist party shachtman became a trotskyist leader and was a member of the socialist workers party he also joined the workers party usa a neo trotskyist organization which adopted an ideology of trotskyism / social democracy with neo conservatism as there international policy. Shachtman later became friends and a close associate of Afl-Cio leader George Meaney. Shachtman began to advocate co-operation with the liberal wing of the democratic party sachtman supported the vietnam war and the korean war and supported the bay of pigs also he supported the right wing take over of democratic socialist president Salvador Allende in Chile.Shachtman suported isreal strongly and supporter democrat scoop jackson in 1976 mainly because he was the only cannidate who supported the vietnam war. Shachtman's ideology was Neo conservatism mixed with trotskyism .

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