Neo conservatism is an ideology which seeks to establesh liberal democracy and human rights to countries by force taking on it self to take an ultra anti communist out look.Unlike paloconservatives and libertarians neo conservatives tend to be comfortable with a limited welfare state and support a moderate brand of controlled capitalism ranging from some kind of ultra anti communist liberal stand point.

trotskyism Edit

many neo conservatives were formerly trotskyists examples of this in clude irving crystol max shaterman sidney hook Robert J. Alexander  Irwin Suall Albert Glotzer and many more.Most neo-conservatives tend to be former trotskyits the social democrats usa served as baseically a base for x trotskyit neo conservatives who persued a new conservative pro welfare right wing ideology mixed with there genuine left wing ideology.Neo-conservatism has been critcised by democratic socialists palo conservatives liberals and old right / libertarians such as ron paul.

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