Scoop Jackson was an american united states senator from washington state.Jackson was known for being a cold war liberal meaning that he was liberal on domestic issues yet hawkish / ultra anti communist on forign policy issues.

politics Edit

Jackson was very anti communist during his carrer he supported the vietnam war many of his followers became influencial neo - conservatives many of whom who started out as liberals and socialists.However many neo conservatives have been influinced by jackson due to his ultra hawkish anti soviet forign policy.Scoop formed a group of senators / congress men who supported the vietnam war and took liberal positions on domestic issues yet took neo conservative anti communist ones on forign policy this group which scoop lead was in opposition to the mc govern liberals who opposed the war and fallowed george mc govern.

liberal politics Edit

Jackson was very liberal on domestic issues for example he never casted a single vote against civil rights and was a strong supporter of the civil rights movement he also supported new deal politics and the war on poverty and the great society.

foreign policy Edit

Scoop was very anti communist and anti soviet he supported the strength ing of american nuclear missles and strongly supported the vietnam war.

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