Shachtmanism is a form of Neo Conservatism and Trotskyism. It is mainly a hybrid between Trotskyism and Neo Conservatism, in varying degrees. Max Shachtman, Tony Cliff, CLR James, James Abern and many others are considered the main contributors to this theory. Shachtmanism is usually described as a form of Trotskyism,however both Trotsky and Shachtman did not refer to Shactmans' ideas as Trotskyist.

origin Edit

Shachtmanism comes from the theories of Max Shachtman, an associate of Trotsky. he concluded that the Stalinist Soviet Union had created a new ruling class. Shachtmanites generally fall into two groups, left wing and right wing. The left wing considers Stalinism just as bad as capitalism and the right wing considers Stalinism even worse then capitalism.

Types Edit

Left Shachtmanism, "Third Camp Trotskyism" Edit

These Shactmanists see Stalinism and Capitalism as equally bad and see that neither represent any progress for the working class.

Right Shachtmanism Edit

They see Stalinism as even worse then capitalism and tend to side with America on issues like foreign policy.