Socialism is a political ideology which seeks to change the capitalist system and create a workers state.There are many different forms of socialism here are some of the main forms.


Reform SocialismEdit

Reform Socialism refers to Socialists who reject the marxist notion of class sturgle these socialists want to reform capitalism and support the eventual transition from capitalism to socialism through a democratic transition.Reform socialism ideology's include social democracy and democratic socialism

Marxist SocialismEdit

Marxist Socialism refers to socialists who support the revoltutionary transition from capitalism to socialism also called marxism.

Revolutionary SocialismEdit

Revolutionary Socialists include a wide range of ideology's such as marxism-leninism which is communism so caint really be considerd socialism baseicalley revoltuionary socialists seek to over throw the government in order to have a revolution.

Socialist AnarchismEdit

Anarcho-socialists seek to create a socialist state with out useing the governement notable ideology's which advocate anarchist socialism are Libertarian socialism  anarcho-syndicalism anarcho-socialism.

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